Synergy Projects 2021

2021 was a real challenge for the Synergy class. All lectures were online, many of our partners were unavailable due to the pandemic. However, the students rose to these challenges and have produced some fantastic projects. 

This year the class expanded to include 4th year Computer Science, 4th year bio-engineering and MSc in BioEngineering. This resulted in 14 teams working on projects that included apps to help people to take their drugs on time, make hospital operating rooms more efficient, or provide a bartering service for refugee camps. Many more great ideas have been developed into working prototypes.

We are immensely proud of the solutions that the students have created.  Each team has produced a 2 minute video summary and a text summary of their project, listed below.  Some of the projects are now open source with the details in the project summaries.

Team 1 PRMAssist

PRMAssist is an accessibility app aimed at making the process of navigating airports an easier experience for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

TEAM 2 Clini-Link

Clini-link is a web app built to connect clinicians who have project ideas with qualified and capable design engineers


Apoyo is a malnutrition tracking service built for Honduras

TEAM 4 Hidden Helper

An application which allows human rights monitors to gather and send reports on human rights abuses but masks what they are doing


Ensuring that patients take their vital prescriptions on time

TEAM 6 Trinity Triage

Trinity Triage is a cross platform mobile app which has the aim to allow non-medical staff to identify how severe the patient condition is and to present their symptoms

TEAM 7 Krisis Kontrol

An application that will allow access to crucial information for the victims of crisis when in need.

TEAM 8 Epitrack

An app to enable better tracking of diseases and epidemics in the global south

Team 9 Dzaleka Link

An app that creates a virtual market place for residents of the Dzaleka Refugee camp in Malawi

TEAM 10 SmoothOp

Streamlines the flow of patients into the operating room

TEAM 11 SanAqua

A mobile phone app to count colonies in cell cultures


A home monitoring app for chronic illnesses, diabetes and hypertension

TEAM 13 BeaumontOCRApp

Group_13_Summary Paragraph

a mobile application which will be used by the clinicians that are printing out the labels, as a pre-emptive system to flag mislabelled samples prior to being sent to the laboratory for analysis

TEAM 14 Repill

An app that verifies the authenticity of drugs supplied as 3D printed Oral Dispersible Films

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