Synergy is a Trinity College Dublin initiative from the E3 Schools of Engineering, Natural Science and Computer Science & Statistics and Tangent, Trinity Ideas workspace to address global challenges in humanitarian aid via appropriate technology design, development and delivery.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a collaboration within Trinity that facilitates a range of student and academic activities to address education and healthcare challenges in low income countries and less-developed regions.  Synergy will be student-centred, evidence-led and multi-disciplinary.  Our aim is for students to develop a deeper appreciation of their role in creating a sustainable global future through a focus on learning what works, involving iteration and the rigorous evaluation.  We believe that local communities are co-creators of the solutions and should play a leading role in design and deployment initiatives.  We promote multi-disciplinary collaboration within the university and with stakeholders from the Government, NGO, academic and private sectors.

7 Values

As we collaborate we will uphold certain core values:

  1. Quality: our objective is to deliver a high quality solution to end users. We do not believe in sub-standard education or healthcare just because it is for a low income environment.
  2. Individuality: we respect and value of the contribution of all the participants in the process of developing and deploying a solution.
  3. Teamwork & Leadership: we rely on others for support because we see how the outcomes are dramatically improved through collaboration. Team members should know and be comfortable with their strengths and weaknesses. We celebrate one another’s successes and look forward to taking those successes to the next level together.
  4. Trust & Sharing: we trust each other that our contributions are motivated by the desire to deliver a viable solution and that we will share the product of these innovations under a creative commons attribution only licence (CC-BY).
  5. Creativity: we encourage people to be creative and have fun in solving the challenges we face and we encourage a diversity of teams, ideas and approaches.
  6. Accountability: We take responsibility of our actions and the solutions we develop. We believe there is no such thing as “somebody else’s problem” and we face up to challenges and work openly to address any shortcomings.
  7. Measurement and transparency: Rigorous measurement is at the heart of how we iterate and constantly improve our solutions. We measure to understand how and why a solution worked or not. We share our measurements openly, positive and negative, so that we and others may learn from our experiences.

For further information please contact:

Conor Buckley

Padraig Carmody

Gerard Lacey