Projects 2020

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown the student teams produced some really great projects.  The class got bigger this year with 12 teams and new sponsoring organisations Trocaire, World Vision and the National Disability Authority.   We would like to thank our sponsors and our students for the incredible resilience and creativity they have shown in completing their projects.

The projects were:

  1. Citizen Voice Action App for World Vision
  2. Disease Outbreak Manager App for Trocaire
  3. BeHeard: Public Address System app for National Disability Authority
  4. Korta: Diabetes tracking app for Trocaire
  5. Points: A bartering app for displaced persons for Trocaire
  6. PharmaPrint: 3D printing of drugs to reduce pediatric medication errors
  7. Ebola Vaccine Trial gap analysis tool for World Vision
  8. Collect: an secure app for Human Rights Defenders for Trocaire
  9. SaludApp: a malnutrition tracking app for Trocaire
  10. A Helping Hand: a web service that rates 3D printed prosthetics
  11. Daloula: A birth spacing app for Trocaire
  12. Crisis Control: digital supports for information kiosks for Trocaire














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